Sage mode is the result of nature energy mixed in with chakra in perfect balance to increase a ninja's power.
Sage Mode


Naruto: Shippūden 131

Derived Jutsu:

Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant

Fighting Tongue Bind

Fighting Tongue Slash

Fire Style: Giant Flame Bombs

Frog Kumite

Sage Art: Ampihpian Jutsu



Senjutsu is a special version of techniques that allow the user to sense and gather nature energy. After they master this form of seeking nature energy, they then will be able to gather nature energy from their surrondings and mix it with their own chakra. This chakra can;t be seen by anybody with out senjutsu chakra.

Toad Sage ModeEdit


  • 'The user's speed, strength, stamina, duriability, and reflexes increase extreamly.'
  • The user's ninjutsu,genjutsu, and taijutsu's power increases.
  • The range of the user's attacks expans.
  • The user can sense other chakra.


  • If the user draws in too much nature energy, they can risk turning into a toad, then into a statue.
  • In order to gather nature energy you have to be still, leaving the user a target in battle.
  • The user experiences exhaustion.